Medical Information relating to
Philip Pilon 74110

24th General Hospital, Étaples

"Admitted 10/10/15
Wound across bend of elbow.  XRay showed dislocation backwards of both bones of forearm.  Attempted reduction failed 16/10/15.  Wound enlarged and Machiali au...cus tendon divided to allow of reduction.  Put up at acute angle...(unreadable)

At Uxbridge: "Ankylosis of elbow joint R. On Oct 8/15 at Kermnel received shrapnel when mine exploded in R. arm (elbow joint).  At present arm is ankylosoed at R. Angle.

March 27, 1916
Gun shot wound of right elbow.  Ankylosed.

Bethenal Green Military Hospital

Cambridge Health N.E.  26-10-15  to 14-11-15

"Bullet passed through elbow from behind to inner side: XRay at General Hospital, Etaples showed dislocation backwards of both bones of forearm.  Attempted dislocation failed.  XRay here shows destruction of joint surfaces.  Wound doing well on discharge.  Post gutter and splints applied.

Duchess of Connaught, Canadian Red Cross Hospital, Taplow Bucks.

17-11-15 to 4-3-16

Septic Middle finger; the entry here and only here states "amputation of arm",  but this does not seem likely as it is not mentioned anywhere else, especially not in his discharge papers.

Summer of 1919 back in Canada, Phillip suffered from intractible piles.