Course 39, No.4 Air Observer School, Crumlin, Ontario

1919 - 1943

Jean Louis Viau

If you walk through the barracks of a Saturday afternoon and see a dark complexioned man with his head buried in a radio that is giving out with "La Traviata", "The Barber of Seville", "Figaro", or "Scrub me Mama with a Bogie Beat", you can be pretty sure the enraptured listener is John Louis, native of Hull, born Dec. 14, 1919, and graduate (class of '36) of the University of Ottawa.  An informed hockey fan, John is even more remarkable for his knowledge of the movies, and has seen more of them than Cecile B. deMille, Shirley Temple and Gene Autry put together -- and any night there is a movie in the south barracks -- exams or no -- there is John!  Leaving a position with the National Harbors Board in Ottawa, John enlisted in the Capital City February 28, 1941.

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